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Can my smile make me look younger?

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Does a fake tooth have to look unnatural?

     The materials used in dentistry are always updating on a daily basis. Providing every time, a better, more durable, longer lasting and bio-compatible material with many other characteristics that improve the quality and function of the restoration for longer periods of time or even permanently. Today most of the materials are made to match the color, texture and form of our natural teeth with high quality. Even so the flaws are still there.

Porosity in the surface of a restoration may be a cause for discoloration, and make it appear unnatural next to the rest of the normal teeth. This mostly happens when the restoration is made in a Lab and the material used to make such restoration is overcooked. This can also be a cause for fracture in the restoration.

     Make sure you go over the options of the different materials that can be used for your restorations with your doctor. Aesthetics, durability, function and quality should always be indispensable factors that are taken into consideration when having any restoration placed. If one of these very important factors is not considered it will be a matter of time when the restoration fails and/or causes secondary effects and/or collateral damage to the surrounding tissues and teeth.

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Are metal fillings bad?

Metal fillings are old school. They have been used for many years and in some country┬┤s they still are. The controversy that has been a tabu for some time now would be that they contain harmful materials such as mercury or cause a magnetic charge that may alter the balance in the body. We have to understand that today we probably have a bigger intake of mercury from tap water and/or from fish than what we have in our fillings. Keeping in mind that every person is different and more or less susceptible to harsh environments and materials, aside from their daily habits.

     The most bio-compatible metal for the human body would be gold, and is used in alloys for modern dentistry.

In today's dentistry we use a resin (composite resin) for the fillings, that provides easy handling for the dentist, and texture, form and color for the patient┬┤s teeth. Giving so a perfect balance between aesthetics and function for the restored tooth.